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Aspergers children have difficulty comprehending that people other than themselves have motivations, thoughts, wants and needs. As a consequence, children with Aspergers can appear to possess a skewed or egocentric attitude when in actuality they may simply lack the requisite mind set to infer other people's mental states.Example An Aspergers child may have difficulty inferring ill intent on the part of peers, and be 'duped' into participating in inappropriate behavior.Example A child with Aspergers may want to play with a basketball at lunch time and will proceed to monopolize the activity without regard to the concept of sharing with others who may wish to participate.

Example They may have difficulty self editing or internalizing thoughts. An aspergers child may have no qualms about telling a fellow student that they smell badthat the observation may embellish some element of truth can be of little consolation to embarrassed parents.Example They may assume people or teachers are speaking to them and them alone. Similarly, in group activities, they may have difficulty understanding that others may not share their own views, which can precipitate frustration, anxiety and challenging behavior in a child with Aspergers.These are just some examples of real life behavior which may be indicative of asperger symptoms. There is to some degree an appreciable overlap between what may be described as egocentricity typical of childhood development, and an extended level of disfunctionality at age inappropriate levels which are truly asperger symptoms. Learning to distinguish between the two can be the challenge for parents.


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